Book of Rhapsodies Vol. II Out In October

11th September 2017

Our new record Book of Rhapsodies Vol. II comes out on October 20th. The album features new modernistic arrangements of pre-Third Stream compositions for orchestra and choir of music from the late 1930s. Book of Rhapsodies Vol. II picks up where Book of Rhapsodies left off in 2013, creating a rarely-heard genre of tone poems and chamber music for orchestra and choir. Produced by Brian Carpenter and mixed by Grammy-award winner Danny Blume, the album delivers the rich experience of transporting the listener to the past and using that past to transform the future. Acclaimed artist Noah Woods created the cover and booklet artwork inspired by the many strange and descriptive song titles. You can read more about the album and hear the track "Deep Forest" on our MUSIC page.

Ghost Train Orchestra will be performing arrangements from both volumes of the Book of Rhapsodies series on Tuesday January 2nd at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola at Lincoln Center in New York City. More information on that concert as we get closer to the date!


Ten Year Anniversary Party June 9

23rd April 2017

We're in our 10th year and will be celebrating with a unique show Friday June 9that our favorite local haunt, the beautiful Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. 

The band played its first show in the fall of 2006 at the Regent Theater in Arlington to celebrate the theater's 90th anniversary. Over half the band still remains from that first show. Hope you'll join us. The Jalopy Theater is an incredible venue to see the band perform live. Advance tickets are available at the below link. (Note there is a slight discrepancy at the link which states the show is on Sunday; it is on Friday June 9th, I can assure you...)

Opening the show is the great Eva Salina singing with accordionist Peter Stan. Eva has been a long-time fan of the band and her music is amazing. Check her out!

At this show we'll have a very few limited-edition posters available by the great Jonny Hannah. Jonny created the cover for the band's third record Hot Town. First come, first serve!

Friday June 9th
GTO 10 Year Anniversary Party

Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Ave
Brooklyn NY

$12 advance
Advance tickets here


Shows in the New Year

11th December 2016

We'll be performing at two exciting festivals in NYC on the weekend of January 7 and 8Saturday January 7 we'll be performing as part of the annual NY Winter Jazz Festival. And on Sunday January 8 we'll be performing at the Highline Ballroom as part of NY Connections Festival with an amazing lineup, including The Klezmatics, Hazmat Modine, and Briga.

Saturday January 7th
NY Winter Jazz Festival
The Django at the Roxy Hotel
Cellar Level of The Roxy Hotel
2 6th Avenue

$45 single-day advance
Advance tickets here

Sunday January 8th
NYC Connections Festival
Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th Street
$20 advance
Advance tickets here

Image by Nina Galicheva


GTO Plays Lincoln Center

12th October 2016

Ghost Train Orchestra will be performing at one of the best sounding venues in NYC, Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, on Sunday October 30This set is part of a series going on at Lincoln Center called Hot Jazz Age: From the First Jazz Recording to the Dawn of Swing (1917-1934), presented by Jazz at Lincoln Center and the New York Hot Jazz Festival, October 28-30. We'll be performing our arrangements of beautiful and haunting compositions from late 1920s Chicago and Harlem.

Advance tickets are available here.

Sunday October 30th
Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
at Lincoln Center

10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY

Advance tickets